---- Methodology ----

-- Requirement --

We communicate with clients on a one on one basis to identify their needs. We believe in giving ‘good value’ to our customers by involving all the team members at a consistent level. By including the users in the creative processes we understand the need for good value for our customers.

-- Research --

After studying the clients business processes we plan the project. First the programming language and the platform best suited for the implementation of the project is set. The need to provide environments to satisfy business processes are well recognised by our selected professionals, who plan the project for timely delivery with consistent communication and reporting. Then we chalk out the whole procedure for software development, so that we can deliver the project on time.

-- Design --

Planning is followed by the design of the project structure and assignment of roles to teams. Our engineers design different modules and how all the modules are related to each other.

-- Implementation --

The actual coding of the project is done in this phase.

-- Testing --

After implementation, we test individual modules as well as the whole project, so that we deliver the project error free to our clients. Delivery : Once we have tested the project thoroughly, delivery of the project is done. We install the project on their system and brief the client on the same.

-- Manage --

Our work does not get over after delivering the project, we regularly manage and maintain the project to ensure smooth running.

-- Support --

We work on a 24/7 & 12/365 policy. Our service teams are always open and on standby for any service that needs to be attended to.

-- Enhancement --

Our service teams work closely with the clients for any kind of changes, updates and technical enhancements if required.