---- IMS ----

Industry Management Software (IMS) is a comprehensive tool designed and developed by Kairotic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. IMS is a result of intensive research done by our software professionals along with various Industry Experts to form an automated system, which is compact, fast, secure, and reliable. IMS cater’s to the needs of all modules of an Industry and helps them to manage their work systems in a faster, more secure and a better way.

-- Its Advantages --

IMS is a highly automated system for Invoicing, Inventory Contro, Accounting with detailed Sales and Purchase Analysis, Time management,Employee attendance & Payroll. With its powerful features it should ready to meet requirements of all types of business and trading houses specially customized for the business houses with their large product and customer base. IMS will streamline business and its  accounting in such a way that through improved management.

-- For management --

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-- Modules --

— Sales order processing —

Sales order processing is an important step in a series of processes that leads directly to revenue for your company. And the way your company handles its sales orders says a lot about it.Customer orders need to be identified and expedited. Complex orders may need to be routed to specialized staff. And you want to know about orders received and those are in-process or are routed for fulfillment. IMS addresses these issues by providing an automated system for capturing incoming sales orders & integrating that data with your back-end systems.

Sales Module helps you in:

  • Faster order processing
  • Better management of rush orders
  • Reduced manual labor 
  • Reduced cost per sales order
  • An auditable sales process
  • More satisfied customers

— Purchase order stock/inventory —

The stock or Inventory forms the very basic of any manufacturing unit. By Keeping track of current Inventory, Helps reduce purchasing and inventory costs.A Purchase Order represents a binding agreement with a Vendor, providing the goods and services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order and associated documents. The IMS Purchase Order System is a complete purchase order processing system with real-time tracking, automatic updating and inventory account balances along with extensive reporting capabilities.

Purchase Module features:

  • Creation of  purchase orders in addition to controlling receiving activities
  • Works compatibly with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and invoice receipts
  • Unit of measure conversion allows purchase of items in diverse units of measure
  • Provides reports for inventory items, in addition to purchase order status by item, and vendor.
  • Tracks completed vendor purchase order history
  • Manage inventory

— Production & Manufacturing —

The manufacturing sector is closely connected with sales module. The product to be sold is either purchased or manufactured; manufacturing modules helps in keeping track of all manufacturing or production orders.

Manufacturing Module features:

  • Keep track of all manufacturing activities
  • Create a  new production order
  • Set status for a production activity
  • Show stock move to inventory
  • Automated Ledger entry for all finished manufacturing

— Payroll —

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. With automated Payroll it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing.
This module It has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details, Attendance and payroll process of organizations. This software is capable of marking attendance, calculating various Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports) according to end user requirement.Key Payroll features:

  • Employee enrollment
  • Employee job scheduling and calendar
  • Totally Customizable Addition/Deduction Rules to encompass
  • Employee In/out reporting
  • Salary Calculation under various heads
  • Employee payment report

— General Ledger —

The General Ledger module works in tandem with other modules to maintain a complete accounting system for organizations. A Ledger is the actual account head to which you identify a transaction. All accounting voucher entries are done using these ledgers

General Ledger Operations

  • Generic Transaction
  • Expense Transaction
  • Register entries
  • Balance
  • History

— User Configuration —

New users and groups can be created in this section. However this operation is available for administrator only. Following are some of the User group defined

  • User administration
  • Regular staff
  • Payroll administrator
  • Salesman
  • Purchaser
  • Order/stock administrator