---- HIS ----

Hotel Information System (HIS) is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management. The important modules include, Reservation, Billing, Room setup/rates, Guest record, Reception, and MIS reporting. HMS allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduced maintenance and overheads. This encompasses human (and paper-based) information processing as well as data processing machines. HIS performs core hotel activities and increases customer service thereby augmenting the overall Hotel image.

-- Advantages --

HMS is a fully-integrated; Hospital Information System Solution HIS is the state of the art software solution for Hotels & Resorts which is aimed to provide complete automation/control/flexibility to the administrators and takes care of the lengthy tasks which consume a large number of man hours in accomplishing those tasks and hence making the lives of the officials and hotel staff easier along with adding more consistency and accuracy to the tasks performed. HIS is a complete process management program/solution which is intended and designed to automate Hotel’s system and routine/ tasks processes.The software solution HIS is based on the latest technology i.e. GDBS (Global Database System) which enables the management/admin of the Hotel or Group of Hotels to have control on the administrative functionary of there hotel or Group of Hotels from a single point and hence deleting the derivatives of risk that can effect there performance & functioning. With HIS we have connected the two seamlessly elements so that both of them can share process and exhibit the data in real time which drastically reduces the time consumed for a task appraised and long with increasing the performances and accuracy of the task performed. HIS is very beneficial for proper/smooth functioning of various tasks and jobs of the entire hotel. We hereby narrate the various uses and benefits which HIS will provide at various levels to various working functionaries.

-- For management --

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-- Modules --

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