---- I-Tec ----

I-Tec has been designed keeping in mind the needs of every educational institute. The idea to develop such a product was to enable the users to focus on their day to day operations. I-Tec takes care of all the institutes activities starting from admissions to daily, monthly or yearly reports.Tec takes care of all the institutes needs.It can maintain the data of employees, salaries, manage academic schedules and administration too. It has been designed for user friendly operation and easy control.

-- Feature --

I-tec gives you complete control and accessibility at any time of the hour and wherever you are:-
I-tec transforms your day to day operations by automising the routine management tasks.
I-tec operates on your current systems and leverage existing technology, which is platform independent, and browser based.
I-tec helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by em-powering real-time information and access to educational resources online.
I-tec centralizes your data related to learning and automate routine classroom and administrative functions.
I-tec needs less hardware and eliminate many maintenance tasks associated with legacy-based systems.
I-tec is upgrade takes place automatically from the server.





— Administration Module Features —

  • Manage User login
  • Manage students
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage library
  • Table maintenance/ Basic data setup
  • Manage exams/tests
  • Lecture hours
  • Mass email

— Accounts Module —

  • Manage Salary
  • Salary Register
  • Fee Register
  • Fee defaulter
  • Cash Book
  • Cash Book Report

— Faculty Module —

  • Faculty Login
  • Enter student Attendance
  • View student attendance
  • Assignment/Home work to students
  • Time-table generation
  • Lecture Hours
  • Manage Discipline
  • Change student Year
  • Exams & Class test
  • Grading

— Library —

  • Search book
  • History
  • New book entryt
  • Create new category
  • Student exist info
  • List of book due  

— Admission Module —

  • Student basic information
  • Demographics
  • Primary contact details
  • Transportation
  • Previous School Records
  • Health Details
  • Current Academic Choices
  • Billing
  • Hostel Charges
  • Discipline Details
  • Guardian login

— Fee Module —

  • Fees payment
  • User defined fee heads
  • Categorized fee types
  • Due date
  • Current fee status

— Health Module —

  • Health menu
  • Health office visits
  • Student medication
  • Student immunization
  • Student allergies
  • Student health summary 

— Academics Module —

  • Lecture hours
  • Exams & test
  • Mass email
  • Student report card
  • Time-table

— Inventory Module —

  • Manage stock item
  • Reorder level entry
  • Invoice generation
  • Stock issue
  • Payment due

— Hostel Module —

  • Current occupancy detail
  • Room -wise occupancy detail
  • Generate bill
  • Defaulter list
  • Time-table