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Saturday, 23 Mar 2019


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Message from our founder:

I founded this company in 2005 with the core belief that if you carefully listen to your clientele and understand their business, then and only then can you offer a true customer-focused solution.

But that’s only half the job. You also need to cultivate talented individuals that can carry out your core beliefs. Kairotic is constantly striving to hire team of experts as per the requirement. Our dedicated and highly skilled team, continually strive in our work, define and refine the standards for professional IT-based services.

We take great pride in our collaborative approach and proven techniques in defining, developing, and delivering high impact IT-based solutions. The results have been not only a successful company, but more importantly a strong foundation of client partnerships that have turned into lifelong friendships.

Abhinav Thaper,

Managing Director,

Kairotic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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